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The World Wide Web is an immense resource of knowledge. Below we've included our favorite links on tigers and other related subjects.

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 Tiger Links

"Extinction stalks world's tigers" - NEW! - CNN Interactive article on the state of the threat to tigers the world over.  Links directly to ENN, CNN's environmental news wing, and to other sites of interest.

Tiger Action Fund - More than half the surviving tigers live in India or its neighboring countries. The tourist organization, Rare Explorations, has taken up the cause of the tiger.

World Wildlife Fund's Cybertiger - Here at the UK's World Wildlife Fund site, play an interactive game to win a limited edition CD-ROM that follows the life of a real tiger.

Save the Siberian Tigers - Read interesting facts about the panthera tigris altaica and find out how to sponsor a Siberian tiger.

The Tiger Information Center - Excellent informational and educational site dedicated solely to helping conservation efforts of five subspecies of tigers.

David Rose's Tiger Page - Straight information from around the world about poaching and the status of various subspecies of tigers.

The Cyber Zoomobile - Lengthy but information-packed essay on tigers.

Tigers - Ambitious site ready to make an impact on saving tigers. Find out what you can do to help!

The Tiger Foundation - Another great foundation committed to saving tigers in Asia.

Year of the Tiger - Come celebrate the Year of the Tiger with the World Wildlife Fund.

The Siberian Tiger Project - Follow the steps of Russian and American scientists at the Hornocker Wildlife Institute who are spearheading research on the natural behavior of Siberian tigers.

Phoenix Zoo's Sumatran Tiger - Fast facts on the Sumatran tiger.

Wildlife Chronicle - "The biggest online showcase on Indian wildlife." Access pictures of tigers and learn more about other endangered species in India.

Sites about India

The Times of India - Indian daily newspaper with comprehensive coverage of political news and links to other publications.

India by City.Net - Excite's extensive guide to traveling to India.

Discover India - The Indian Government's official site to the country. But this site does not only talk politics! Read about sports, culture, social issues, and tourism in India.

Kanha National Park - Also known as Tigerland, this is where the Tiger Trust's Kailash Sankhala Conservation Centre is located.

Tiger Country - Click into Columbus Travel-Guides' page on travel to India's Bandhavgarh and Kanha region.

Dynamic Tours Pvt. Ltd. - Specializing in special interest tours to the Indian subcontinent, take an eco-friendly trip to the wildlife sanctuaries of India or to Tigerland in Kanha.

India World - All the current news about India and more! From cooking to cricket, browse this comprehensive site.

India Travelog - Scuba dive, trek, or take an eco-tour -- you can do all in India. Well-produced site with excellent resources to learn more about the country before you book your flight.

Madhya Pradesh - Get a quick lesson on this central province of India. Also includes a list of helpful links.

Other Links to Wildlife Conservation Sites

Cyberpanda's Panda Resources - Jumpstation to panda sites all over the Net.

International Rhino Foundation - There are five remaining species of rhinoceros - all on the verge of extinction. Learn more about this 50 million year old species.

Greenpeace - Endangered Species in Canada - The Canadian branch of Greenpeace has built an alert Web site to inform Web surfers about endangered species and their habitat in Canada.

Endangered Species Act - An online resource guide to the ESA.

The Bear Den - Site dedicated to spreading information about the North American bear.

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